PCB Design Workshop will help you to understand different tools for PCB Design and enables you to design your own PCB layout of a given circuit.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are required in any type of Electronic Products. Having the knowledge in PCB designing is always an add-on skill for an Electronics engineer.

Our two day PCB Design workshop is designed systematically so that the participants will get thorough knowledge in designing PCB, Effectively using the PCB designing software and successfully completing their PCB from the Schematics. Our workshop consists of complete hands-on sessions and we are providing extra projects (Complexity improves one after other) in-order to make the workshop more effective. Since we are providing more practical assignments, the participants get very good practice in PCB designing.

Proposed Programme Highlights

  • Two day exclusive training on PCB Designing.
  • Completely Hands-on / Practical sessions
  • Covering all aspects of Single Side Board Design.
  • Schematic to Board level approach
  • AF board Design Considerations
  • Three to Five Practice Projects depends upon the Time.
  • Follow up trainings and continued support are offered even after current training, based on request
  • 90 day free online support.

Expected outcome

After attending the two day PCB designing workshop, the participants will learn the basics of PCB, It’s Structure, and Designing Single / Dual Sided PCB.

Proposed Training Scheme

Timing Schedule

Day 1


 Schematic Drawing

  • Capture CIS Basics
  • Libraries
  • Component placing
  • Connecting with wires
  • Power & Ground
  • Practice circuit

Project I:-Power Supply

  • Schematic Drawing
  • Annotation
  • Design Rule Check
  • Bill of materials
  •  Net list Creation


 PCB Designing

  • Layout Basics
  • Foot print Selection
  • Layer Selection
  • System Settings
  • Global Spacing
  • Net settings
  • Manual routing
  • Auto Route– Unroute
  • Board Outlines
  • Completion of PCB

Project 2

Day 2


Project 3

Jumper in routing

  • Layer Adjustment
  • Routing jumpers

Padstack Modifications

  • Modify Via Pads

Project 4


Project 5

 Facilities to be provided by the college

  1. A Seminar Room / Lab to seat up all the participants
  2. Minimum students required: 35
  3. Participants may be grouped into teams of three or four (organizers can decide on this).
  4. At least 1 computer / Laptop for each team
  5. A Projector, Large Screen and Cordless Collar Microphone-Speaker (if necessary) Arrangement.
  6. The class arrangement should be such that all participants can use their PCs while watching the slides on the projector screen.

 Workshop Charges & Offerings

  • Workshop Charges:
    • Please contact us for the financial details
  • 90 day free online support for every participants
  • Certificate for all participants

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