Developing Android Applications for your projects is not a tedious task anymore. MIT’s AppInventor2 is your best tool to do it. Create your android apps with the ease of MIT AppInventor 2.

Proposed Program Highlights

  • One day exclusive training on Android App Development using MIT App Inventor
  • Covers basics to advanced Contents
  • 90% of training will be hands-on / Practical sessions
  • Designing the Graphical User Interface
  • Developing the backend of your application
  • Building Apk of your projects
  • Practical Applications as mini projects
  • Follow up training and continued support are offered even after current training, based on request
  • 90 day free online support.

Proposed Training Scheme

Timing Schedule
Day 1 FN Introduction to MIT AppInventor 2

  • Creating an Account
  • Creating a new project
  • GUI in Android App
  • App Back-end or Blocks

Voice to Text conversion App

  • Designing the GUI
  • User Interfaces
  • Developing the backend of the app
  • MIT AI Companion 2
  • Emulating the App
  • Building Apk
  • Installing App using QR Code

Simple Android Game

  • GUI
  • Backend with blocks
  • Emulation
  • Apk
  • installing and testing the app
AN App for IoT Applications

  • Sending Web requests
  • Webviewer
  • Web
  • Interfacing with Thingspeak
  • Testing the App

Facilities to be provided by the college

  1. A Seminar Room / Lab to seat up all the participants
  2. Minimum students required: 40
  3. Participants may be grouped into teams of three or four (organizers can decide on this).
  4. At least 1 Laptop per team with windows Operating System
  5. A Projector, Large Screen and Cordless Collar Microphone-Speaker Arrangement of needed.
  6. The class arrangement should be such that all participants can use their PCs while watching the slides on the projector screen.
  7. A White/Black Board for illustrations.
  8. All the computers for the workshop should have enabled USB ports
  9. At least one power plugs for each team for power supply.

Workshop Charges & Offerings

  • Workshop Charges: Please contact us for the financial details
  • Certificate for all participants
  • 90 day free Online support