There are some famous wireless technologies which are useful in day to day life. Interfacing these technologies is not at all a tedious task. Clearly understanding its working and associated circuits and output is necessary. Students need to use these for their academic projects and all. So, learning the interfacing of different technologies is necessary. So, We designed this workshop to teach how to interface these technologies with microcontroller.

Our workshop is very systematically designed so that the students can understand the basics well, can understand the working of different technologies, interfacing them with Arduino or any other microcontroller. Our workshop is purely hands-on and the students can write the code by their-own and test it using kits. Also for better learning & understanding we included a mini project session in which students are asked to do a project using the trainer kit.

Proposed Programme Highlights

  • Two day exclusive training on Interfacing Different Wireless technologies
  • 80% of training will be hands-on / Practical sessions
  • ZigBee, RFID, GPS, GSM
  • *Testing Kits available
  • Hands-on testing using specially designed kits & Arduino.
  • Follow up trainings and continued support are offered even after current training, based on request
  • 90 day free online support.

*kits are not take away

Expected outcome of the Workshop

After completion of this workshop, the participants will understand the working of different wireless technologies and become confident to work with them.

 Proposed Training Scheme

Timing Schedule


Day 1



  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Familiarizing Arduino Board
  • Pin-out
  • Familiarizing trainer Kit

Introduction to Arduino Programming

  • Sketch
  • Functions
  • Libraries
  • Embedded C Basics

Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter

  • Serial Communication Basics
  • Pins & Functions
  • Example
  • Interfacing Arduino with Computer
  • Assignment 1
  • Hands on Assignment & Testing using Arduino UNO R3



  • Basics
  • Interfacing Circuit
  • Programming
  • Sending Data over ZigBee
  • Testing using Kits


  • Basics
  • Interfacing Circuit
  • Programming
  • Reading RFID Tag
  • Testing using Kits

Day 2



  • Basics
  • Interfacing Circuit
  • Programming
  • Acquiring UTC Timing
  • Testing
  • Acquiring Latitude & Longitude
  • Testing using Kits



  • Basics
  • Interfacing Circuit
  • Programming
  • Making a Call
  • Testing using Kits
  • Sending and Reading Messages
  • Testing using Kits

 Facilities to be provided by the college

  1. A Seminar Room / Lab to seat up all the participants
  2. Minimum students required: 30
  3. Participants may be grouped into teams of three or four (organizers can decide on this).
  4. At least 1 computer with Windows 8 or windows 7 for each team.
  5. A Projector, Large Screen and Cordless Collar Microphone-Speaker Arrangement.
  6. The class arrangement should be such that all participants can use their PCs while watching the slides on the projector screen.
  7. A White/Black Board for illustrations.
  8. All the computers for the workshop should have enabled USB Port

  Workshop Charges & Offerings

  • Workshop Charges:
    • Please contact us for the financial details.
  • Certificate will be issued for every participant
  • 90 day free Online support for every participants