Our Embedded System Internship program provide the best opportunity to gain practical skills in Electronics, Embedded System & Internet of Things. In order to make use of this opportunity by every students, we offer two types of Internships.

Short term Internships

Available Months: January and February 2020

Available Topics

1. Embedded System
2. Internet of Things
3. Raspberry Pi & Python
4. PCB Design & Fabrication


  • One Week Internship    :  INR 2000/ per head.


  • Internship certificate
  • Free academic project guidance
  • Free online support

Note:  Kindly contact us via info@neogreenlabs.com / 9495242563 for more details.

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On-Campus Internship

Since KTU made a 5 day Mandatory Internship, engineering students are running everywhere to find internships during the vacations. Most of them end up in places where they won’t get any benefits except the certificate. Neo Green Labs designed this on-campus Internship program to address this scenario, by which students can gain enough practical experience in their filed of study. They can save money as well.

It  would be a Training + Self project development program.

Methodology (10 day / 7 day program)

Training: We provide hands-on in depth training during the first five (four) days.
Project Idea: Each student group have to identify a feasible project topic during the end of fifth (fourth) day. If they face any
difficulty in finding it, we will help them by providing a feasible topic.
Project: From six (fifth) day onward, the students can start developing their project from the scratch. During this time, the
trainers provide all possible support to ensure the completion of each project.

Program Contents: Internet of Things

The following contents would be covered during the program
  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • PCB Design, PCB Fabrication, Soldering & Circuit Debugging
  • Internet of Things device level programming
  • Utilization of different IoT online platforms such as, Thingspeak, ubidots, Blynk, IFTTT
  • Android App development with MIT AppInventor
  • IoT Project Development from the scratch

Program Contents: Embedded System Development

The following contents would be covered during the program
  • Microchip PIC 8- bit microcontroller programming
  • Interfacing Sensors and Wireless technologies
  • Circuit Design and Simulation
  • PCB Design, PCB Fabrication, Soldering & Debugging
  • Project Development

Student Benefits

  • Get excellent training in Circuit design, PCB design & fabrication, Embedded system and Internet of things
  • Gain practical real time hands-on experience in IoT based project development
  • 10 Day Internship certificate
  • 90 day free online support
  • Save money: Since the program would be at your institution, you can save the cost of travel and accommodation.

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