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Neo Green Labs is a world class Embedded System Training Company. We provide Onsite and Online training in Electronics, Embedded System and Internet of Things.

Neo Green Labs has been established to provide Quality training to individuals so that they can develop the skills required for the embedded system industry.

Our services are categorized as

  1. On-Campus hands-on Embedded System Workshops
  2. On-site Trainings
  3. Online Trainings

These programs are flexible enough to customize for the requirement of different audience.

The trainings domains include;

What is an Embedded System

A system which is designed and developed to do some specific applications. If we look inside the system, generally we can find two things; a physical  visible Hardware and an invisible Software. The software will be kept (programmed) inside a microcontroller / microprocessor,  what we called as the brain of that embedded system. Or in simple words, An electronics system consisting of a hardware and a controlling software which is designed to do specific applications

Some examples of embedded system are;

  • Smart Phone
  • Smart Watch
  • Fitness Band
  • Digital Cameras
  • Washing Machine
  • Your Car and the list will go on.

In fact,  you can see Embedded System in every corner; or we can say it like this way. “We cannot live without using an embedded system“. The point is, the scope of Embedded System is huge. And that is why everyone think of a career in this  domain. There are immense opportunities in Embedded System Industry.

The possibility of Innovations in Hardware is low when compared with the Software. And hence Embedded Software industry is rapidly growing across the world.